Limited Edition QB54 Green Game Set



QB54 is action packed! Highly Addictive! QB54 has all the elements of football without the CONCUSSIONS! When finished form into 2 usable chairs that support up to 275 lbs each!

How To Play:

QB54 is perfect for tailgating, the backyard, the beach, basically anywhere outside.  Men, Women and kids of all ages absolutely love playing QB54.  There is no other football game on the market that even comes close.  When was the last time you kicked an extra point or launched a Hail Mary to win the game?  If you are hungry for something new and looking for a High Quality Product with The Best Customer Service to back it up, then QB54 is your game!  Check out our reviews and see what everyone has been saying.



QB54 Game Set Includes the Following:

2 Foldable Vinyl Canvas Chairs

2 Sets of Yellow Goalposts

1 Carrying Bag

1 Football

1 Kicking Tee

1 Ball Pump with Steel Needle

US Patented: US 9,950,230 B2 and US D806,423 S