Gift for Football Fan

Gift for Football Fan

QB54 is the best gift for football fan! Football is the most popular game all over the world. Millions of people are looking forward to the match to cheer for their favorite team, and the stadiums are always filled with tens of thousands of fans of all ages. Every football fan at least once imagined himself in the place of professional players. Therefore, QB54 will be an excellent solution for a gift!

Now this game is played practically everywhere: in the yards, beaches, parks. A real football fan collects game symbols, purchases equipment, supporting his favorite team anytime, anywhere. So, if you want to please such a person, QB54 will be a brilliant idea!

QB54 gift for football fan is the perfect football game set to take with you to picnics, BBQ, beach parties, or vacations. The game was created by the Silva brothers, Michael and Frank, who have been football fans since childhood and still get together every chance they get to play football chair game QB54.

Best Gift for Football Fan

The best gift for football fans

This gift for football fans is a set that includes a ball and 2 multifunctional camping chairs, equipped with a net instead of each seat and a shield-like structure at the back. If you remove the net, you can use camping chairs for their intended purpose – relaxation after the match. The chairs are made of durable materials and can easily support up to 275 pounds.

The chairs can be placed at any distance, allowing you to play with people of any age. As long as you follow the rules, this game is completely safe. No tools are needed for installation, so the playing field can be set up in a couple of minutes.

QB54 is a great present for football fan. You will definitely like it, because it has many interesting advantages.

Multifunctionality. Gaming chairs will serve perfectly during the hike for a comfortable relaxation. The legs stand securely on any surface and are able to withstand heavy loads. Also, QB54 is a perfect combination of football, basketball and other ball games. So, you can enjoy your favorite game with this set.

Ease of use. You can assemble the game in a couple of minutes. It is enough to find a flat surface and place the chairs opposite each other. The recommended distance between them is 40 feet. But it can be changed due to the players’ preference and skills. There is no need to use additional tools to assemble the game set.

Universality. It is also a fun football chair game for friends. QB54 is suitable for any age. Kids like ball games, and many of them are interested in football from a very young age.

Also, such a present for football fan is suitable for those who have only watched matches and have always dreamed of learning how to play. QB54 allows you to practice with a friend or play with a large team. It does not require a large game area – a small yard near the house or any flat surface is enough.


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Limited Edition Navy Blue Game Set



144.99 $

🏈 QB54 is Taking the World By Storm! The Hottest Game on the Market! 🏈 Each Game Set is action-packed!Highly Addictive! 🏈 QB54 has all the elements of football without the CONCUSSIONS! 🏈 When finished form into 2 usable chairs that support up to 275 lbs each!

Limited Edition Navy Blue Game Set

Limited Edition Navy Blue Game Set

Limited Edition Navy Blue Game Set

Limited Edition Navy Blue Game Set

QB54 Gift for Football Fan

Game rules

It is very easy to play QB54. The rules are simple, and even kids can remember it. The game set is quickly set up. The Silva brothers invented the rules of this game. The rules are flexible, so you can change it due to players’ experience, skills and preference.

So, buy the best gift for football fan, place chairs on different sides of the game area and start the match. The recommended distance between the chairs is 40 feet, but it can be changed depending on the size of the area.

Divide into teams of 2-3-4 people (you can play one on one too). Choose the method of throwing the ball – trough the goalposts or into the basket. Take turns throwing the ball and get points for certain actions:

• if the ball hits the chair on a fly – team gets 3 points;
• throwing ball into the basket (touchdown) – team gets 6 points;
• interception earns 1 point;
• if the ball bounces on the ground and lands in the basket – team gets 2 points;
• defending team can earn 3 points if they catch a rebound from the chair before it hits the ground.

The game is over when one of the teams reaches 54 points. You can also set your own number of points if you wish.

Thus, QB54 will become an original gift for a friend or loved one who is fond of sports, and will serve for many years.

It is very easy to order a gift for football fan in our online store – you just need to choose the color of the set and fill out an application form. We will deliver it very quickly, so you will have a present very soon!


What kind of gifts can I present for football fan?

QB54 game is the perfect gift for a football fan. This is a compact set that will allow you to play almost anywhere. Now you can organize a match even in a small yard at home. The set includes 2 chairs with goalposts and a rugby ball. It fits comfortably in the hand. The chairs can be set at a distance of 40 feet or less.  You can play this game with your friends, family and neighbors.

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