Football Chair Game

Football Chair Game

QB54 is a football chair game that gets more and more fans every year! There are several reasons for this. Above all, you can play anytime and anywhere.

Game set consists of only two chairs and one rugby ball, so it can be transported to any location. QB54 is a great option as a beach games, BBQ games, yard games, lawn games and picnic games. You just place the chairs opposite each other and start the match!

Entertaining football chair game!

If you like to get out into nature, or relax on the beach, QB54 is the best option here. This is a great opportunity not only to reset, gain strength, and improve overall mood, but also to have fun with friends and families playing active games.

After swimming and having a snack on the beach, you can play active and fun games. QB54 will be the perfect game! It will not take up much space in the trunk next to swimwear, sun loungers and sunshades. This is the best football chair game to have fun wherever and whenever you want!

If you want to play football on the lawn near the house, in the backyard or anywhere in nature, take QB54 game set and have fun with your friends. It does not require large space, so it is perfect for organizing competition at any location.

Another cool place for recreation is a river. Having found a flat surface, it can easily be used not only for a picnic, but also for a friendly football match!

What do you need to play football chair game?

This awesome game is a mix of football and basketball. It takes the best from each of these sports. It borrowed the cool ball from football, and the net and hand throws from basketball. QB54 football chair game equipment includes two camping chairs, which have basketball nets instead of seats. Special shields are installed on the backrests. If you remove the net, you can use camping chairs for their intended purpose. The chair can easily support up to 275 pounds.

Also, the set includes 9-inch rugby ball and a bag for safe storage and transportation of all elements. And of course, the main thing you need is a good mood and a sense of fun!

Best Football Chair Game

How to play QB54?

TOP Football chair game has very simple rules, so people of every age can play this game. There is no need for any special knowledge, skills or abilities. You will learn how to play QB54 during the gameplay.

Before starting the game, it is important to find a comfortable area to play in – flat, if possible. Place camping chairs with the net opposite each other, with the distance of forty feet. The players can change the distance depending on their skills and experience. When the leading team reaches 12, 24, 36, or 48 points, it’s time to switch sides.

Football chair game involves participation of two to four players at the same time. The opponents are positioned opposite each other. The essence of QB54 game is to throw the ball into the basket. This can be done in different ways, earning a different number of points. The game is won by the team that first reaches 54 points.

The losing team always has a chance to change the outcome with a final throw. To do this, the players need to define the distance. You need to subtract the winning score by the losing score to determine the number of steps. Then, the player of losing team takes the determined number of steps, turns around to face the opponent’s goal and tries to throw the ball into the basket. If the player succeeds, the team wins.


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Limited Edition Navy Blue Game Set

Limited Edition Navy Blue Game Set

Limited Edition Navy Blue Game Set

Limited Edition Navy Blue Game Set

QB54 Football Chair Game

How to earn points?

There are different ways to score points while playing fun football chair game:

• hitting the chair gives 3 points; • touchdown – 6 points; • kick the ball – 1 point;
• one point for hitting the goal post;
• if the ball bounces on the ground from the throw and lands in the basket, the team/player gets 2 points;
• if the ball hits the chair, bounces, and a member of the opposing team manages to catch it, then the team gets 3 points.

During the game, you can make side attacks and throws that allow you to get closer to the opponent’s goal. Blocking is also allowed during the interception.

You can play football chair game in different ways. For example, when you play two on two, the teammates are on opposite sides. Such beach games allow you to intercept the ball that hits the chair before it hits the ground. After that, the player must kneel, and then he will get 3 extra points. Then the player needs to run to the opponent’s goal until touched with two hands by the opponent. Having reached, the player needs to make a throw. If the ball lands in the basket, the player gets 6 point.

Some facts about the game

QB54 is a folding football chair game designed to have fun with friends or families. Its creators, Michael and Frank Silva, started with throwing a ball into trash cans, after which they came up with the idea to replace them with universal camping chairs with a net. Without any hesitation, the guys developed a set of rules, and designed equipment for the game. In August 2016, they launched their online shop to introduce QB54 game to as many people as possible. Now anyone can order a game set and start a match with friends!


What is the best football chair game?

The coolest football chair game is QB54. It is not only simple, but also truly fascinating. You will definitely like this game, because you don’t need any specific skills or abilities. QB54 game set is very compact. It won’t take up half a trunk. The camping chairs are folded. So, you can transport it to any place and play game anywhere.

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